The school will take place in the historic centre of Venice, Italy, from 14–19 May 2023 and aims to transfer State-of-the-Art knowledge on various topics from key experts to the new generation of professionals, using interprofessional education in hands-on sessions.

Join our school and learn more about Safe and Sustainable by Design!

  • Venue: Venice, Italy, Auditorium Santa Margherita
  • Dates: 15–19 May 2023, with a social get-together in the evening of May 14
  • Organisers: The following projects and initiatives organise the Nanosafety Training School:
  • Projects:
    • ASINA, SbD4Nano, SABYDOMA, SAbyNA, DIAGONAL, HARMLESS, SUNSHINE, AURORA, PLASTICHEAL, PlasticsFatE (all funded by EU Horizon 2020 programme), SmartCERIALS (funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, FFG)


  • CUSP Cluster
  • INFRAMES initiative
  • NanoSafety Cluster

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