In the framework of the nanoSAFE2020 conference, SAbyNA is organizing on the 23rd of November a free training about Science Diplomacy: A New Way to Think About Your Role in a Community of Research.

Science Diplomacy is “a series of practices at the intersection of science, technology and foreign policy…where a greater scientific voice could add value to bi- and multilateral discussions and decisions about our shared global concerns. [It] goes beyond international science collaboration, as it tackles interests that go beyond the scientific ones and may directly or indirectly serve to advance diplomatic goals.”

How do your science and your practice fit into this framing? What are your ambitions and your possibilities? How can you join and expand a Science Diplomacy community?

After a short introduction to Science Diplomacy, panellists will share their experiences as boundary-spanning science professionals to trigger reflection among participants, who will deepen the conversation in small groups.

  • Understanding the multi-faceted phenomenon of Science Diplomacy
  • Reframing certain science activities as Science Diplomacy
  • Reflecting on how your science can contribute to addressing global challenges
  • Clarifying career paths and seizing your potential as a Science Diplomat

To register, click on the link below and select the option Satellite Meetings : NanoSafety Cluster November, 23rd.

Download the full agenda below and access the linked resources presenting Science Diplomacy in detail.